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  1. Sweet Angel

From the album the Collected Works

Written, performed, and engineered by Bear E. Awesome at Big Sky Studio, Halls Harbour Nova Scotia.

Released March 20th, 2019


Sweet Angel

Some girls want you to spend the night
And some other girls they just don’t know
The kind of woman that I like the best
Is a Sweet Lil’ Angel with a mind of her own

I’ve never caught her setting traps
But I know she’s out there just the same
Then one step too far and there you are
I find myself falling in love again

With a Sweet Sweet Angel, makes me smile every time
Sweet Sweet Angel, so happy that she’s mine, all mine

She’s not the kind of girl who goes too far too fast, and not too slow
All I want are the actual facts, mixed in with some dreams,
and a little unknown
When you became half my life, my world grew twice as big
And my heart it could soar
I’m not sure if there is a God, but here’s one thing that I know for sure

Love my Sweet Lil’ Angel, makes me smile late at night
She’s my Sweet Sweet Angel, she makes me happy to be alive

Some girls want you to spend the night
and some other girls, they just don’t know
There’s an Angel from heaven and I’m under her spell
Wherever she roams, that’s where I’m gonna go

Sweet Sweet Angel