Cash for Covers Submission
  • Cash for Covers Submission

Cash for Covers Submission

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Thank you for paying tribute to one of my imperfect creations.

Once you have filled out the electronic submission form and paid the $25 entry fee is received, the Youtube video of your cover will be uploaded and added to the next monthly Official playlist for viewing.

The closing date for each monthly competition is midnight on the 28th day Atlantic Standard Time.

The winner will be announced on the 1st, and is determined by total views calculated by Google Analytics:

Total minutes viewed divided by length of song = total views.

ie.12000 minutes viewed /4:00 = 3000 views

Winners will be notified via email or PM.

Available Cash Prize is equal to 75% of submission fees for your contest period.

ie. 500 submissions x $25 X 75% = $10000

All funds are collected and paid in CAD currency.

To increase your chances at winning, it is important to share and promote your cover. Have your friends play it on repeat!

Just Be Awesome,


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