Mission Statement

Core Values

Our organizational CORE Values and Culture are as unique as our diverse nationalities.

Directors, Ambassadors and Society Members:


  • Believe in placing the welfare of Mother Earth and humanity above profits

  • Are committed to the development of Social Enterprise Centres and sustainable employment opportunities

  • Are committed to developing a culture that recognizes the values of cannabis in all forms and applications

  • Believe in an individuals right to medicate whenever it is safe and lawful

  • Have achieved a healthy balance in key aspects of their earthly journey

  • Project a positive vibe that is contagious

Our Directors

Global Director            Tommy Chong 

Board of Directors                       TBA

International Director  Barry Bennett

National Directors                                            

  • United States                        TBA

  • Canada                                  TBA   

  • Uruguay                                TBA

  • Peru                                      TBA

  • Spain                                    TBA

  • Netherlands                          TBA

  • South Africa                          TBA

  • North Korea                          TBA

  • Jamaica                                TBA

  • Portugal                               TBA

  • Australia                              TBA

  • Switzerland                          TBA

  • Argentina                             TBA

  • Cambodia                             TBA

  • Costa Rica                            TBA

  • Czech Republic                     TBA

  • Ecudor                                  TBA

  • Italy                                      TBA

  • Estonia                                  TBA

  • Mexico                                  TBA

  • Israel                                    TBA

  • Germany                               TBA

  • more to follow