Musicians & Friends

My success  is the collaborative result of some amazing musicians and community. 

Please visit their links and support their other projects.

Paul, Andrew, Mark, Alex, Brock and the Lovely  Anne Marie - You Cats Rock!

Paul, Andrew, Mark, Alex, Brock and the Lovely Anne Marie - You Cats Rock!

David H. Croft

Drums - 2015/16

Dave and BeaR's collaborative relationship started when they were students at adjacent high schools, and spans over 30 years. 

Please support Dave's current project, the Bucket List.

Dillon "Frosty" Winter

Lead Guitar 2015/16

Frosty is a phenomenally diverse guitar slinger, with the ability to adapt to any genre in wink of a young girls eye.

Frosty performed with BeaR  in Canada and the USA, and provides some astonishing finger work on featured tunes such as Wheel Tuggin and Black Magic Spell. 

Frosty currently performs in the Bucket List.

Travis J. Hatcher

Bass - 2015/16

Nobody commands more room on a stage than Travis, with his Tigger-like maneuvers.

Travis is an accomplished singer/songwriter who works full time as a solo performer and member of the Maddogs.

Follow Travis Here

Larry "Smiley" McAdams

Piano & Keys 2015/16

BeaR's former bandmate from Backroom Blues, Smiley performed on the 2015 Ep, if you can.

Smiley  is one of the few people in Canada who had completely shunned the digital era.  He is a wise friend and valued confidant.

Ginger Autumn

Backing Vocals

Ginger Autumn has been a long time supporter who lends her vocals to many  compositions. 

Ginger Autumn is the inspiration behind many singles, such as Black Magic Spell, Hello? and Teddy BeaR


Smokin' Rock & Blues Fest

Smokin' Rock & Blues Fest

Recorded on April 23rd

Recorded on April 23rd